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Menorca has a number of residents who are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about wine. A handful of these oenologists have taken their passion to the ultimate level, starting up their own vineyards. For the first time since the phylloxera virus wiped out vineyards across Europe at the end of the 19th century, seven new vineyards have appeared on the island in the past few years, with two more in the making. These new wine producers are well aware that they have a long and difficult task ahead of them, but their projects are born from a genuine passion. They know the competition is fierce, that it takes many years to achieve a high quality, and that the scale of their projects (Menorca’s vineyards are small – ranging from 2 to 8 hectares) makes it impossible to produce wine as economically as larger vineyards. However, local wine experts are confident that the climate and soil are well suited to the cultivation of grapes and, given time, we can expect to see good quality wines being produced here. The island council is actively encouraging the revival of this industry, but these new ventures will also require the support of the consumer in order to survive. Most of the vineyards welcome visitors to tour the premises and, of course, purchase their wines.

Vino Hort, Menorca


HORT SANT PATRICI  is a farm located in Ferreries that, as well as producing their own cheese, have also recovered the tradition of making wine. The winery is modern and produces white, red and rosé wines with strong personality.

These wines have international prestige as they hold numerous awards in the Catavinum World Wide and the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. It is a fantastic trip to vistit their cheese museum, their winery, their gastronomic shop and obviously taste their cheese while enjoying a glass of their wine.

On the farm you can also enjoy creative gastronomy in their restaurant “Sant Patrici”, with lovely views to their vineyard and garden of sculptures. We suggest you try their white wine “BLANK” with grilled menorcan mussels; their rosé wine “Cayetana” with lobster “oliaigo” (order in advanced) or any of their red wines “Merlot” or “Cupatge” with slow roasted lamb.

Open from Monday to Saturday. To see when their hours go to their website www.santpatrici.com or phone +34 971 37 37 02



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