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Local Produce

Local Produce

abarcas, Menorca

abarca, menorcaWherever you go in Menorca you are likely to see locals and residents wearing a curious type of shoe, with a flat sole, a wide strip of leather across the toes and a thin strap around the heel. These are the timeless, ever-popular avarcas. Originally considered “peasant” shoes, the traditional avarca was literally made from old car tyres for the sole and calfskin for the upper. Traditional-style avarcas remain some of the most durable and comfortable shoes one can find.

Nowadays avarcas have become much more refined and lightweight, with the uppers being produced in various types of leather and full range of colours and patterns, and are perfectly acceptable footwear for anyone, at just about any social occasion.

Avarcapop has shops in Maó and Es Castell and offer the traditional style avarcas with a modern twist.

If you want to meet a a talented shoe maker, you must visit Can Doblas in Ferrerias.

Gin, Menorca

Gin Xoriguer, MenorcaThousands of British troops were stationed in Menorca during the 18th Century and, unable to find their favourite tipple in the local taverns, there was no alternative but to teach the Menorcans how to make it. Using juniper berries imported from mainland Europe and grape –rather than grain- alcohol, distilleries sprung up producing local gin. In the early part of the 20th century the Pons family turned their enterprise into a commercial venture. Their distillery is located on Mahón harbour. Xoriguer gin can be drunk straight up or mixed with bitter lemon to make pomada –the “fiesta drink”.

Sobrasada, Menorca

Sobrasada, MenorcaAlthough nowadays it is quite rare to find the traditional pig-slaughter taking place in the countryside, a number of cured sausages are still made locally according to ancient recipes handed down through generations. Sobrassada is perhaps the best known and is delicious spread on toast with a drizzle of honey. Made from minced pork with lots of paprika, it has a rich red colour and a paste-like consistency. Also look out for cuixot, a black pudding-type sausage flavoured with fennel.

cheese, Menorca

Queso, MenorcaA pressed cheese, made from cow’s milk, Queso Mahón is matured in cellars, where it is turned regularly, coated with oil and pepper and is sold at varying stages of maturity. The younger cheese is soft and elastic, yellowish white in colour with a sharp flavour. The semi-cured cheese has a yellow rind, is harder but slices easily. The mature cheese is hard and crumbly, dark yellow-orange in colour with deep, strong flavours and a hint of sweet paprika. Various farms producing cheese welcome visitors to tour the premises and taste their products.

Please visit Hort Sant Patrici where you will see how the make their cheese and also have a taste. They also make their own wine.


Can Doblas, Menorca

Lagartija, Menorca